Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SEO and Social Sites

Here are a few of my favorite social sites to help promote your online presence.

The first is Naymz. This is a good site to make contacts, expand your exposure and reputation management.
The next is LindedIn. A great site for increased exposure and if you are willing to work- a great source for making additional contacts to help build your business.
Another one is Amazon. It's a great place to review books, build community and work on reputation management.
How about Facebook-not just for kids!
Don't forget about the power of YouTube-a great tool for reputation management and SEO search results.

Steve Mertz Denver SEO Speaker


Udi Drezner said...

I also recommend using LookupPage, a free site that aims at representing you professionally online and making sure you are found every time someone searches your name. You can check it out if you like :-)

Steve Mertz of SEO Speakers said...

Thanks Udi!