Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SEO Joint Ventures

We are looking to do joint ventures with companies that have a good, solid product but little if any web presence. There are many great companies that have products to sell and have not made the jump to the internet.

We provide the SEO assistance. This means we build your website to be SEO friendly, help with providing unique and authoritative copy and add social media. Some of the social media we use includes Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

The benefits of being on the first page of a Google search can make a huge impact on your bottom line and that is our focus. It is not enough to be on the first page from SEO eforts; its all about conversions. We monitor the traffic to your site and make any necessary adjustments to increase your SEO Efforts. If you are interested in pursuing further talks please be in touch. You can call me at 303-619-8972 or email me. steve at seospeakers.com
Thanks, Steve Mertz

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