Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SEO Meeting Colorado Springs

Yesterday I went to Monument, Colorado right outside of Colorado Springs to meet with a potential SEO client. Their main business consists of replacement windows, patio doors and entry doors. They don't show up anywhere in a Google search for any of those terms; and with their current website, the spiders will never be able to index their currnet site.

Their SEO problems start with the title bar-their name is prominently displayed with no mention of replacement windows, patio doors or entry doors. it gets worse-their entire home page is an image of text; Google is not reading it! I looked to see how many pages of the site that Google has indexed and the results are a grand total of two indexed pages by Google. Interestingly enough, they have a PR of 4 with no inbound links! The good news is the domain name has been hosted since 2001.

The navigation and site architecture needs help-those poor spiders will never find their way through this site! The navigation starts in the sidebar and continues on towards the bottom of the page-don't do this ;)

They actually carry very well known and quality brands including Andersen, Marvin, Velux, Cascade, and Solatube to name a few. When I clicked on the Andersen Windows tab it took me to a canned page of content from Andersen window. Rae Hoffman has a very timely article about why you should never steal content. While this Clint is not stealing content; they are missing the boat by not having unique and authoritative content. Rae gives a great overview on How to write your own quality content.

If this site sounds anything like your current site-do yourself a favor and call the SEO experts. Get rid of the trash site and start with a new site that will actually give you a chance to show up in the searches!!

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