Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Motivational Speakers

Imagine being a world class motivational speaker today-what would it take to be called on consistently by Fortune 500 Companies? It's fair to say that there is a great deal of cynicism and skepticism out there today, right? Most of us got exposed to a motivational speaker sometime in high school. It seems they were either fabulous or just learning, on you!! Today a world class motivational speaker has to have the perfect balance of content and humor. Audiences today will not stand still for a motivational speaker who just uses canned humor with no content that is relative to that audience! Audiences today, and meeting planners, demand that you actually know the audience and their challenges very well. Once the organization's challenges are known; what goes better than humor in helping to solve the issues and making the audience the hero's of your presentation. The best motivational speakers in the world are not only humorous but they give audiences the tools to problem solve and strive for their personal best! Let me introduce you to Craig Zablocki, your first challenge is to pronounce his name correctly! Craig brings his business acumen and background as a humorist to audiences around the world. Craig is meticulous in this research and his presentations are loaded with meaningful content and a very large dose of humor-what more could you want ;) You may be asking yourself who says Crag Zablocki is a world class motivational speaker? That's a fair question and here are a few testimonials for you to consider:

The simple lessons you taught us about ourselves will stay with our team forever. Thanks for being a huge part of our 2006 Sales Rally. Our people are very important to us...and your message made our people better in life and in work. We couldn't have asked for more. Charles Burkell, Training Specialist-FEMA

Could your organization use a top notch humorist that brings a ton of meaningful content? Read what Sun Microsystems said about this humorous motivational speaker:

Craig Zablocki is fabulous. He garnered the highest rating of any previous presenter. Robin Blatt, Director of Operations-Sun Microsystems

If you are a meeting planner and need the best motivational speaker for your next event please consider the talents of Craig Zablocki. You can view Craig's LinkedIn profile on Motivational Speakers here.

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