Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Denver Colorado Ski Accident Lawyer

Colorado is home to some of the premier ski resorts in the world. This is the week of Thanksgiving and all of the major ski areas in Colorado are now open including Vail and Aspen Colorado ski areas. As I walked through Denver International airport today I could see the skiers flocking to the champagne powder of the Colorado ski slopes.
Many skiers have found throughout the years that there is more to worry about than inflicting injury on themselves; they are becoming acutely aware that they also need to look out for negligent skiers and faulty machinery at the ski resorts.

Many of Colorado's skiers are from out of state and if they are injured they quickly find out that they need the expertise of an experienced Colorado ski injury lawyer. Ski injury accidents have unique aspects to them and there is no substitute for experience. One of the main reasons is the fact that your case will almost always have to be prosecuted in Colorado's state or federal courts. The other important ingredient is an experienced ski injury lawyer and allow me to introduce you to Randy Kelly of the personal injury law firm of Irwin-Boesen.

Randy has been successfully litigating ski injury accidents in Colorado for over 20 years. He can quickly tell you if you have a case and ensure that you preserve your rights by acting quickly. Randy offers you a free initial consultation and can be reached in Denver, Colorado by calling 303-320-1911 or toll free at 800-964-1911

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